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Naga Muay Nutrition

Founded during 2015 following 18 months of research and development - Naga Muay Nutrition is a UK based Nutritional Supplement Company that has been born out of a frustration regarding the lack of a solid nutritional resource for Combat Athletes that will provide information and also the products containing suitable organic supplements that will enhance the performance of competitors and practitioners of the various ring and cage sports.

Our aim is to provide a ‘one stop shop’ for information, education around the nutritional demands and requirements of Combat Athletes together with a trusted source of organic supplements that have been proven and tested by our own top class UK based Muay Thai and MMA competitors.

Our mission is to serve the UK market initially and then gradually expand our Organic range and brand to the US.

Our CEO is the director of Muay Thai in Wales for the UKMF and IFMA and has over 30 years experience of Muay Thai, Martial Arts and Amateur Boxing under his belt.

Previously a Gym Manager and senior fitness instructor at the famous David Lloyd fitness chain, more recent successes have seen our CEO train a number of male and female Muay Thai fighters to the highest level in the UK together with training one of the UK’s best MMA fighters and Cagewarriors star - Lewis Long, in Muay Thai and other aspects of his Stand Up fighting game.

Other notable active competitors who have been trained and coached by our CEO are Ameen Alkilaney (Professional Boxer) Charles Sikwa (Muay Thai and K1), Tanya Merrett (Muay Thai and K1) and Bekie Hodge (Muay Thai and K1), Shaun Facey (Muay Thai) Joey Brincat (Muay Thai) and Matt Sheedy who is now based in Thailand fighting out of the World famous Jitti Gym in Bangkok.

During 2009 and 2010 our CEO was the head coach for the Welsh Amateur Muay Thai team which took part in the World Amateur Muay Thai Championships in Bangkok Thailand where four members of the team won Bronze medals at the 2009 WMF World Championships.     

During the years of training, coaching and teaching we have been faced with a lack of a single resource to provide suitable information regarding dietary supplementation for Combat Athletes. It is well known in the Martial Arts and fighting community that supplementation is important, however quite often this area of an athletes’ development is given scant regard and supplementation is confined to the recommendation for Protein Shakes and Multi Vitamins once a day. This information, whilst sound in theory does not consider the EXTREME stress the combat athlete subjects his or her body to and therefore more detailed information, education and supplementation is required in order to achieve optimal performance.

We believe that with the correct supplementation and education around nutrients our own athletes and competitors will perform optimally and their bodies and minds will heal quicker following intense training, competition and hard sparring.

It is important for coaches and practitioners to remember that every strike delivered blocked or taken puts the body under enormous stress – far more that the average athlete or casual fitness enthusiast will ever encounter. Therefore at Naga Muay Nutrition we decided that due to the lack of a single resource for this information and products we would create our own resource to benefit all.

We will not take any risks with our own athletes who are friends, family and loved ones and therefore have extended this mantra into our own brand.

Naga Muay Nutrition products are designed to be:                                      

We will not compromise the health and well being of our own athletes and therefore extend our extremely high standards to our customers who may well be friends and team mates within the UK Ring Sports or MMA scene.

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